Sunday, May 8, 2011

A Birthday and Paris

Well, we had four shows in La Rochelle that went pretty well. I really liked this town and would love to go back someday. It had a nice coastal town vibe. On Saturday May 7th, it was my 28th birthday! We had to be on our bus at 7:45 for a six hour bus ride to Paris. We are staying at a Citadine hotel near the Bastille. We've stayed at this chain before and they are great because they are mini apartments with kitchens. The only bad thing is this one has no wi-fi in the rooms. If you have a laptop you can plug it in but I have my iPad which means I can only be online in the lobby. This will be a long week!

Yesterday we hit up the grocery store for breakfast items and snacks for the week. Then I walked around the hotel area with my coworker Graci. We saw slot of the area but got lost and had to pull out our map to find our way back. Then we met some of the other dancers for dinner. We went to find a place recommended by the front desk but it was a little pricy so we opted for a Japanese restaurant. I don't really like sushi or sake so at least they had a menu with goyzas, and brochettes (it was meat on a stick). It was okay but not fantastic. When I get home in a month I will make a birthday cake and do a post about it

This was my grocery findings in Paris! Wine, almonds, muesli, microwaveable risotto, and cognac that Graci gave me as a b-day present!

Breakfast this morning was some great multigrain bread toasted with chestnut cream. Plus, coffee of course!

The Citadines have sofa beds that pull out to sleep in. They are surprisingly pretty comfortable!

The desk and table in the room!

The little kitchen! Dishwasher, microwave, wine glasses!

The view outside my room!

This is the playground I can see out my window. I woke up this morning, made my coffee and had a wonderful observation. I love to people watch but this morning made my day. I observed families in the park/playground with their children enjoying the morning and most of all each others company. The best thing was the joy in the parents faces as they watched their little ones climb, or the laughter and smiles on their faces while taking pictures. Today is May 8th, Mother's Day. I'm very fortunate to have wonderful parents. So I wanted to say HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to my MOM! Thank you for sharing your joy of mothering with me over these 28 years! What I saw today in that park was exactly the way parents should be with their children: happy, joyous, supportive and loving.

Happy Mother's Day to all mothers out there!

Today was our only day off in Paris. Hopefully tomorrow I can do a post on what we did! Au revoir!

Location:Paris, France


  1. Happy Birthday Betsy!!
    And a Happy Mothers day to your wonderful mom too!!

  2. Thank you Betsy and Tiffany! Betsy, so fun to see the photos of where you are staying. I want to drink coffee and people watch, too. And Tiffany, special hug to you and the memory of your beautiful, joyous mom.


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