Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Rural Education Tour: Utah

I'm currently on an education tour in parts of rural Utah. We usually do about 2 of these during the year. We go in to the local schools and perform lecture demonstrations about the elements of dance: space, shape, time, and energy. We teach creative movement classes too and the students love it!
I've been doing this for six years and I've seen so many small towns in the state of Utah. Sometimes we go places where there isn't much to do or see but sometimes we get to go to places like this:

Utah is such a beautiful and magical place!

Monday, September 19, 2011

It's Show Week!!!

It's already here! This week starts Tech Week (getting all of the technical stuff ready) for our season opener show which will run this Thursday-Friday (September 22-24), 7:30pm at the Rose Wagner Performing Arts Center in Salt Lake City. This is fantastic show that I'm excited to be performing in! Here is press release about the pieces in the concert:

Brook Notary’s visually mesmerizing and physically charged premiere of “Grid”, brilliantly juxtaposes complex dance structures and a strikingly simple stage setting.  The New York Times has raved about Notary’s “choreographic magic” and proclaimed her “adept at theatrical conjuration.”

Ririe-Woodbury’s own Artistic Director
Charlotte Boye-Christensen, explores the mental state of well-being characterized by positive emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy in her intriguing premier of “Push.”   
Larry Keigwin’s 80’s Night” (2007), is an entertaining look back at popular culture in the 1980s.  In this piece the dancers lead us on a journey back in time that revisits everything from music and movement to questionable fashion choices.
In contrast, “Spurts of Activity before the Emptiness of Late Afternoon” (2010) by John Jasperse, is a reflective exploration of time and accidental behavior and is marked by the interplay between Jasperse’ tightly conceived structures and his elusive movement style."

Each of the pieces in this show are so completley different from each other which is great because that showcases the huge range of possibilities that exist in contemporary dance. Many people are afraid that they didn't "get that piece", "thought it was weird", "I fell asleep!", etc. There is such a huge misunderstanding about what contemporary dance is among most people. Like any other art, there are many different choices, styles, and opinions that go in to creating choreography. As dancers, all we ask is that the audience members approach a dance concert like you should approach your everyday lives: With an open mind. You may not like every piece you see (there's a lot of bad dance out there!), you may not understand the concept of each piece but the bottom line is: that's okay! That's part of the beauty of art in my opinion!

Sorry for the little rant but in this day of age where people are bombarded with reality TV, social media, and busy schedules, it's a good idea to take the time out of your week for something different. Go support the arts by seeing a play, a musical, dance concert, or visiting an art gallery. Your mind will thank you!

If you are in the area come see our latest show! We will also be performing at the Salt Lake Farmer's Market this Saturday, September 23 at 9:30am.

Below is an excerpt of Brook Notary's Grid that will be in the show. She first set the piece at NYU and these are some of the talented students performing. She revised the original piece from 13 dancers to just 6 for our full comapny. Just a little sneak peek:

Hope to see you at the show!!!

Have you ever seen a Contemporay Dance Concert? If so, what did you think of it? 

Travel Journal: PDX Day 3

DAY 3.......Farewell to Portland, for now!

We checked out of hotel and pretty much had half of a day to play with before having to be at the airport. I think we were still full from dinner the night before so we had a light breakfast at the hotel and then decided to go check out the Oregon Zoo! It had been a long time since I had been to Zoo and it was a lot of fun. The setting of this zoo is tucked away beneath beautiful tall lush green trees.
Goodbye Avalon Hotel & Spa (next time we need to stay here and use the spa!)

Goodbye, the Great Northwest! You made me feel a little closer to my home state of Alaska!

Goodbye Oregon !

We headed off to the airport to return the rental car and because we knew we could have dinner at  Rogue Ales!

I must admit I didn't have a beer though! In 2003 Rogue began making their own Spirits. I had to try one of the martinis made with their Spruce Gin. It was incredibly expensive because it was at the airport but it was one of the best martini's I've ever had! Plus, the last day of vacation deserves a little treat!

After dinner, we stopped at the gift store to buy some beer to take home! We put the Hoegaarden in the middle to compare the sizes of Jake's beer with my Rogue XS! 

We loved our trip to Portland but we have to go back soon because we didn't make it to Voodoo Doughnuts....and a whole list of other places!

     What are some other great places to visit in Oregon?

Travel Journal: PDX Day 2

Day 2..... in Portland, Oregon

We had some coffee, went on a run along the Willamette and then headed to catch the streetcar again to check out the Saturday Farmer's Market at Portland State University. What a beautiful campus and they have a Rouge Hall restaurant on campus grounds (with pizza delivery via bike)! How cool and dangerous would that be as a college student with little money! The Farmer's Market was crazy good....delicious vegetables, surrounded by beautiful lush green trees, flowers, wine tasting! We bought some local plain and garlic seasoned hazelnuts from Freddy Guys. A homemade bagel with chive cream cheese, and a marionberry and cream hand held pie.

We walked around the city some more and then made our way to Deschutes Brewery Portland Public House. Here you get to choose which beers you want to try for your sampler. We definitely enjoyed the beer here. We were total tourists and each bought a t-shirt to take home! We thought about getting a growler too but we resisted. The food was soooooo good! The pasta and burger I need to try to re-create one of these days!


cavatappi pasta, Obsidian Stout Cream, Grilled Red Onion, Baby Spinach and Tillamook White cheddar. 


Roasted beets and toasted walnuts formed into a burger topped with Briar Rose Creamery goat cheese, white balsamic vinaigrette dressed field greens on our wheat ciabatta

A quick stop at Cupcake Jones for an afternoon snack of mini-cupcakes!

Day 3

We headed to the Portland Market on Sunday morning. 

The market is huge and there are a ton of booths with food and crafts......some more high quality than others!
One of our favorite booths was Lonely Dinosaur where my husband picked up this fun T-shirt!

Next we headed over to the food booths where we shared a Rouge beer and ate delicious gyros! Yes, we both ate meat on our gyros but they were so good it was worth it!

One of the reasons we love Oregon is the wine! The only problem is there are so many to choose from.......

Our first stop was Ponzi Vineyards in Beaverton, Oregon.
We shared a tasting together and we liked their wines but decided not to buy any because we still wanted to check out one more winery.

Next we got lost before finally finding our new house.......
I wish right! This is the beautiful house next to the beautiful tasting room at Alloro Vineyard . This is a very young artisianal winery located in Sherwood, Oregon.

We loved the grounds here as they reminded us of Italy.

We bought a bottle of Pinot and a Chardonnay!

We went back to the hotel to rest up before heading to dinner. We went earlier enough to catch happy hour for a few drinks! Happy Hour! We get excited because we can't have happy hours in Utah :(.

We went to the Driftwood Room located in the Hotel deLuxe. I treated myself to two lovely cocktails:   Springtime in Paris: St. Germain elderflower liqueur, rhubarb bitters and champagne
Portland '85: Clear Creek Pear Brandy, Clear Creek Pear Liqueur and champagne.

The atmosphere here was awesome: 1950's swanky decor makes you feel like a movie star in Hollywood!

In fact the whole interior of Gracie's and the Hotel deLuxe exudes Hollywood glamour! They play old movies in the cool!

Lucky for us we were there during Portland's Dining Month. This is where certain participating restaurants have prix-fixed 3 course meals for $25. We both chose to do this and each had delicious meals however, we probably could have split one 3 course meal!

Saffron Chickpea Fritters

Savory Gorgonzola Cheesecake

Pan Roasted Idaho Red Meat Trout

Summer Linguine

Desserts: Chocolate Guinness Torte with mascarpone creamCrispy Bread Pudding with warm hard whiskey sauce
I'm just glad I got a chance to wear my new Skunk Funk
dress I bought in France!

What are some or your favorite Portland area restaurants??


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