Thursday, September 1, 2011

Things I'm Loving Thursday! aka TILT

Hello all!!!

So I want to start a new column where I can share with you current things/products/places/food that I'm loving right now! I love reading other people's blogs to learn about new ideas and things that I haven't yet discovered..... Let me know about anything you have on your TILT list too!

The inaugural TILT list for Thursday September 1, 2011:

1. This one you could probably have guessed if you have read my last couple of posts.

I watched the very first episode of True Blood on my last long flight back from Paris. I forgot how much HBO can show and was a little afraid people on the plane would be wondering what I was watching!! However, when I got back home I had to find out what happened so we borrowed Season 1 from a friend. Then headed to Blockbuster for Season 2 and finished Season 3 on Amazon Prime last week. Now, I have to wait for Season 4 to come out on DVD! I typically don't like scary horror movies/shows or things that are very gory but for some reason this show is different to me. Maybe it's the characters and the story development but my husband and I are hooked!

2.  Josie Maran Organic Argan Oil

     I bought this argan oil a few months ago and it was a great purchase! It's an oil originally from Morocco that is rich in vitamin E and essential fatty acids. You can use it as a daily moisturizer on your face because it's so lightweight. Another great thing is it's versatility. It can be used as a skin treatment, on your cuticles, split ends, or even as a bath oil. I got mine at Sephora but you can also find it online at the Josie Maran Cosmetics website.

3. Blue Bunny Premium Ice Cream: I Do, I Do, Wedding Cake

I saw this advertised on the Food Network as it was created by Ace of Cake's Duff Goldman. The one I wanted to try was a Red Velvet one but I couldn't ever find it so when I saw this one in the grocery store I picked it up right away. I love cake and especially delicious wedding cakes! This flavor is sweet buttercream frosting flavored ice cream with white cake pieces and ribbons of raspberry sauce. A good treat yes, especially for a hot summer night but not as good as a real piece of wedding cake.

4.  Belly Flops by Jelly Belly

   I'd rather have baked goods then candy but one of the candies I do really love are Jelly Bellies!! My mom used to send me the Costco sized jars of them when I was in college. The other day I was at Big Lots and found these!! How cute are they! Mis-shaped and rejected Jelly Bellies can have a home with me anyday!

5.  Valentin Bianchi New Age Wine

A co-worker told me about this while we were in France and I had a hard time finding it in UT at first... But then I found it at a bigger wine store and it is so worth it and only about $9.99! New Age is a slighty effervescent white wine from Argentina. It's supposed to be served with ice and a slice/squeeze or lime, orange, or lemon. Even though summer is coming to an end it's such a perfect hot weather wine. Plus, you can use it as a base for other drinks like this blog did! Most of you should be able to find this at the liqour store or grocery store (you lucky Californians!). I've heard it's at World Market and maybe Trader Joe's.

That's all for this edition of TILT!!!

Until next time, ciao!

Question of the day: Any products/things you're loving right now?

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