Sunday, October 9, 2011

Home for the weekend only means: Biscoff Dough Balls

I started to write this post last week so it's a little outdated but a it's also a little catch up on what's been going on in my busy life:

What I've been making.....

Happy October everyone! I cannot believe that fall is almost here. It sure doesn't feel like it here in Utah where the temperatures are still in the 80's! I have been not very good at posting lately.....and here is why:

The show was a wonderful way to start our season. We got nice reviews (SL Tribune and Love Dance More Blog) and some nice photos by Mike Manning:

We had Sunday off and I had wonderful day enjoying spending some time with my husband and mom. We ate at one of my favorite Salt Lake City brunch spots, Cafe Trio.  The night before after the last show we went to Vinto and had the most delicious dessert, a Pear and Date Tart and homemade gelato in flavors: High West Whiskey Stracciatella and Lemon Ricotta!

We leave for a week long tour to Hattiesburg, Mississippi in two days. I've never been to MS before and the weather looks like it will be perfect down there. I did a whole bunch of cooking before I left and I have some great recipes to post later. Meanwhile, I'm proud to have convinced my husband that Biscoff Spread is great treat! We've been enjoying it on toast and in blondies. But the best recipe yet is a no-bake vegan dough ball that I created! Using the biscoff spread, dates, pecans, chocolate chips and almond & vanilla flavoring these dough balls are my new favorite snack!

BISCOFF Dough Balls


1 cup pecans

1/2 cup chopped dates
1 tsp/ vanilla
1/2 tsp. almond extract
1/2 cup chocolate chips

Place pecans, biscoff spread, dates, vanilla and almonds in a food processor or blender and combine until a smooth consistency appears (it should like almond butter!) Transfer mixture into a bowl and stir in chocolate chips. Using a tablespoon or your hand form into small balls and place onto a cookie sheet.   Let stand in refrigerator for about 10-20 minutes to solidify. 

6 ingredients and you have a delicious no bake snack! In fact they've all been eaten at my house so I need to go make some more!


  1. Looks yummy! Have you heard of the blog Love Veggies and Yoga ( It's a fun blog that I check into to from time to time that I think you would like. She also is in love with biscoff spread & cookies and has a vegan dough ball recipe with it, although the ingredients are slightly different. Check it out!

  2. I have heard of her blog! I really like it and her recipes! I think she might be back east somewhere. Her dough balls look very yummy too. Hope you are doing well!


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