Saturday, October 29, 2011

Where I've been lately.........

I know, it's been awhile......and it's been awhile because the company has been doing a two week residency in Arizona. It's been great and tonight is finally our show night! Our choreographer created a new piece on us titled, "West" and we get to wear chaps for costumes (can't say coming from Alaska that I've ever done that before!). We are borrowing them from the dude ranch where we've been staying. They have treated us so well: we got three home cooked meals a day, went horseback riding twice, and went swimming in the beautiful pool and hot tub! I miss cooking however and I have a ton of recipes to make (and I'm only home for the weekend before taking again for another Utah tour!) but this was a nice treat! Enjoy some of these photos and I'll post a TILT and some recipes this weekend!

Personalized calenders with our head shots on them were in our rooms!

The view from one side of the ranch.

Breakfast is made to order and yummy!

I usually had fresh fruit and always a 1/2 grapefruit with a strawberry on top. 

Followed by scrambled eggs or egg whites and wheat or cinnamon raisin bread. 

The warehouse where we rehearsed everyday. 

The view of Vulture Peak from the swimming pool!

Dinner almost always started with a salad. 

Followed by the family style meal. 

The menu board always showed what was for lunch and dinner!

That's all for now! More to come about this great experience later. Plus.... I'm really excited because next weekend I'm headed off to San Francisco for my first ever food blogger event!

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  1. I am so glad you posted photos. The entire experience sounds like a dream come true!


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