Saturday, December 17, 2011

Behind The Scenes Of A Ririe-Woodbury Show #1

 Wow! I cannot believe that Christmas is just one week away! The show was already last weekend and it was a great run. We had sold-out shows on Friday and Saturday nights, which always makes us dancers feel good. We received nice reviews from the Salt Lake Tribune and Slug Magazine. I have the next four weeks off from work or in reality I am laid off from work for four weeks. It's a little hard not to get paid around Christmas time but luckily I got most of my shopping done earlier in the year. This last week I thought I would have done more blogging.....but I've been catching up on rest, taking yoga classes, going to movies with my's been really nice. I promise the next post will have a recipe and a giveaway!! For now I wanted to show you a little recap and a behind the scenes look at the show we just did!
Photo: Stuart Ruckman 

The lobby poster for the show.

Special thanks to all of our donors.

The dressing room for the Black Box Theatre w/ our costumes.

My knee was pretty bruised and hurting, Arnica gel to the rescue!

All of the RW gear for sale!

Our backstage goodies: bananas are great before a show! Also, water, grapes, hummus, trail mix. 

My lunch in between the two shows was a Tabouleh Quinoa Salad from Squatters Brewpub

The Black Box Theatre Stage at the Rose Wagner Center for the Performing Arts.

Me. taking a photo in the mirror just because. 
Below are some great photos of the company by Will Thompson. 
Some are from rehearsals earlier this season:

Finally, a celebration dinner at Red Rock Brewpub after the last performance:

With my husband, mom, and my mom's good friends who came all the way from Alaska and California to see her and the show! Rosie, Charlotte, and Cindy (taking the picture!) you ladies are awesome! Of course, my husband and mom are too! It was such a great weekend of dancing. Dance is such a natural high for me. Being on stage and performing for live audiences is why I love what I do. It's always bittersweet when a show run ends. That's why you dance the best you can and be present in every moment of each performance. I hope everyone takes some time in this busy season to try to be present in each's not always easy but instead of letting the stress win over, take a moment to breathe and remember: Every single moment you are writing the story of your life. Make it a good one!



  1. A most awesome show! Great advice from someone so young. It takes most of us years and years to learn the beauty of being present and in the moment and appreciating the journey.

  2. What a wonderful life you have as a dancer. We look forward to reading of your adventures!

  3. Wow - how cool are you?! I am a horrible, uncoordinated dancer (strictly a wedding and Christmas party dancer), but I admire the skill, dedication and sheer WORK it takes to reach your level! Congratulations! I hope you enjoy your time off and it's SO nice to meet you!


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