Thursday, May 17, 2012

SLC Bites: Roots Cafe


I have time off from the company right now, about six weeks off to be exact. It's unpaid time off but that's okay because after being in France last year for all of May and 1/2 of June on tour with the company, I'm loving being home in Salt Lake City during May, my favorite month. I've been using my time off to take yoga classes, go on longer walks with my dog, and of course eating lunch out at some great local cafes. I've decided to start a new section on the blog called: SLC Bites. This will be small posts highlighting some of the the great restaurants Salt Lake City has to offer. The first place is Roots Cafe which I've now been to twice. Roots Cafe is a new small cafe in the Millcreek area. They offer breakfast (which I need to try!), lunch and catering too. I so wish I lived in a cute little house in Millcreek and could just walk or bike over to eat here! It's the perfect neighborhood place. 

They have a great menu for lunch with sandwiches, soups, & salads that change daily. My favorite so far is the Classy Walnut Chicken Salad sandwich. It has a free-range chicken salad on sourdough bread with cranberry sauce and melted brie cheese. Even cooler, all sandwiches come with a side of kale chips! Another house specialty is the Rosemary Limeade, perfect to drink while sitting out on their patio.

The day we went we tried two of their daily salads: A southwestern quinoa salad with homemade BBQ sauce and gemelli pasta salad with goat cheese and pesto.  It's a small place and has been pretty busy each time we've been there. Luckily, with the weather nicer they can now hold more people out on the patio. Go and support this local new cafe and after you eat you can go shopping next door at The Old Flamingo. This is a fun treasure of a store (good prices too!) that has different artist's that redo old furniture and antiques into really creative things like this vintage desk:


If you live in Utah or come to visit come and check these places out:

3474 S. 2300 E. Millcreek, UT 84109

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  1. I've been wanting to go there for months! Sounds like I will have to make it a priority!
    Thanks for the tips!

  2. Great recap and pics! Now I want to go for lunch. I love Millcreek, I have lived in the area twice in my life. I am looking to move back there soon!


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