Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Goodbye 20's, Hello 30's!!!

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 So today is my 30th Birthday! I must say I'm excited for the next decade and what it will bring. I had a wonderful time in my 20's, lots happened, good and bad but that is life I suppose. Last week, was one of the hardest of my twenties. My husband and I found out that our little Siena had some horrible type of cancer and we had to put her down. I've still been a mess lately but I know that we gave her the best love and life we could for six wonderful years.  photo b4c9faf4-f7be-4fbd-8b8f-c98143183e28_zpsa0aab7ae.jpg

    It's weird to think about the last decade and all that has happened in that time..........

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I truly met my best friend at The University of Utah and we got married almost five years ago (but have been together almost 11 years!). This was us on our honeymoon in Santa Barbara!

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I was fortunate enough to achieve my dream job by dancing for a professional modern dance company for six wonderful years. I didn't make a lot of money but I got to travel to so many places around the US, and to France and Italy.

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 On one tour, another dream came true by touring to my hometown of Anchorage, Alaska! When I was a young dancer, I always would watch touring shows come to town and would tell myself, "someday, I'll be on that stage!" It was a cold tour but definitely fun for me!

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This was on my last tour to France last year. I have such a great dance family with people who are so accomplished in the arts and live all over the world.

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This crazy but sweet guy came in to our lives last year! Our Bandit is a lot of work and has a lot of energy but I'm so glad to have him as buddy. He's my little shadow!

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Last year, my husband graduated with his MBA! Can you tell I'm very proud! After pretty much living all of my twenties in Utah we moved to CA this year......and it's been a great adventure!

We have been trying to enjoy all the CA has to offer. Especially things like this:  photo e6a4b7dd-ff10-4b76-8892-997aeec1f19e_zps8cf61b78.jpg

We were in Napa last weekend (I'll do a travel journal post soon) for a pre-30th celebration and had to stop at Bouchon Bakery in Yountville for a birthday cake macaron!

It's been great 20's but 30's I'm ready to embrace you!


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