Thursday, November 13, 2014

She's Here......!!!!

Lots of changes have occurred in the last 8 weeks of my life. The biggest and most beautiful has been this:

We have been enjoying every second with our little sweet pea, Brenna Faith. She is such a joy and even with some sleep deprived nights or days when we don't think we have any idea what we are doing---the wait was so worth it. I'm really glad I waited to have children until in my 30's. I got to experience so many great things in my 20's and now I can fully invest my time and energy wholly, in this little being!

On top of having a baby, my husband got a promotion for his job. In the midst of having a newborn, we put our house in CA up for sale, sold it in one weekend, bought another house and moved to Colorado!! Talk about having some big life stresses happen all at once. We've definitely had tough days but we are getting settled in here and there. I don't know if I'm ready for snow again but it's already winter here--as I sit by my fireplace and type this post.

Life has a way of throwing things to you that you would never expect. I've taken the last couple of weeks to really try to be present in the moment, be flexible, be patient, take deep breaths, and love, love, love.




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